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Chuck and Judy Young wore authentic costumes for the parade on July 4th.  They walked the entire route!  Chuck is a professional costume designer and producer.  His website is www.heroestailor.com

The banner at the back of the float with Chuck and Judy Young.

This the float before the rain!  (We aren't talking about what it looked like after the rain!)

We had people who represented many walks of life - Shelly and her son are cub scouts and Frank Barham, chair of the Champaign Tea Party in the white shirt.  We feel "We the People" are the heroes of America.  The parade theme was "150 years of heroes".

You can see Sharon Ackerman on the left, a business person, Nancy Johnson, posing as a doctor, and Mike Thomas with his kids at the back.  We had a few more pariots scattered around, too!

July 3rd Rally pictures.  It was a warm, breezy day at Hessel Park.  Although it was a holiday weekend, and we changed our location to a new park, almost 200 people came out for the rally.

This sign supports Arizona's new immigration law.

Habeeb Habeeb, treasurer of the Champaign County Republicans and president of Benefit Planning Consultants.  He spoke about how great American is.  He immigrated from Lebanon and is a true patriot.

Enthusiastic participants!

Charlotte Hampton, from Paxton, helped with the contributions for T shirts and constitutions.  She came with her husband,  Ron, and friend, Judi.

His name is Doug and he shows his patriotism!

It was a great day for a rally!

Stephanie Holderfield of Mahomet was one of our speakers. 

Joe Tharp was one of our speakers.  He is an enthusiastic patriot!

Great artwork and so original!       These are a few of the photos from the April 15th Tax Day Tea Party Rally.

First sign on left "Obama's change will keep me in chains"                   Middle sign "It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless, minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."                          Sign on right, "Now I want change. Change it back"

It was wonderful to see young folks learning what patriotism and free speech are all about!

Plain English.  Well said!

Just a few of the 550!  It was warm and sunny and the trees provided great shade!

Just a few of the signs during the sign contest.  Frank Dutton, in the yellow shirt with a sign showing an egg, "This is your nest egg" and, below, a broken egg, "This is your nest egg after doing taxes!"  Well said!

This is  Charlotte, one of the volunteers who made the rally happen!

Nancy Johnson at the Tim Johnson rally on 3-18-2010.  Her sign reads "I am unemployed, uninsured, and I DO NOT want gov run health care"

We didn't get her name, but we like her sign and her shirt!

Amy's sign says " The majority of Americans have spoken:  We do not want FORCED healthcare"

Frank's sign says, "We support Johnson on Health Care."  Debbie Trouth's sign says "Free Health Care Will Cost Your Freedom."

Cliff's sign says "Hey, Liberals and Progressives, We are coming after you in November."  John's sign says, "Obamacare is a Fraud!!"

You can see Darell's sign in this picture.  It says, "Just Say NO! to Government Take Over"

Just a few of the many people who came out to support Tim Johnson's "No" vote.

We didn't get his name, but he is a plumber from Homer!

Amy, from Enlightening Fashion, Inc. took these photos and shared them with us.  There were too many to put them all on the website!  If you would like to receive the photos she shared in an email message, please let us know and we will send them out to you!

Champaign Tea Party at the Champaign Public Library January 17, 2010.  160 people in attendance.

Champaign Tea Party January 17, 2010, Robeson Room of the Champaign Public Library.  160 people in attendance.

These are pictures Cindy Eaglen took during the 9/12/2009 Tea Party Rally in Washington, D.C.  She reported that the Metro officials estimated the crowd at 1.5 million!

You can see just a tiny portion of the crowds that came to ask Congress, "Can you hear me now?"